Remote Learning 2021

Here are Remote Learning grids created by City of Edinburgh Council. These grids should be used to support Remote Learning in the event that your child is having to isolate. They are available below as Word documents to download or pdf files to view.

Super Sustainable Transport!

Primary Five were innovative engineers this week, designing and modelling their own forms of sustainable transport! We researched and discussed sustainable fuel sources, as well as existing forms of sustainable transport for inspiration.

Thank you to all families for supplying our building materials of recycled goods! I think you will all agree we have very innovative young engineers in our midst!!

Ready to go!

Leading the Learning!

P5c had a new teacher on Tuesday! Ms Ascroft led a lesson on knot tying.

She began by teaching us an overhand knot. And then we progressed to a reef knot. However some of us tied granny knots instead!

The master plan to teach the class knot tying and then take over the world begins!

Things then became quite complicated and the final challenge was a figure of 8 knot.

Or so we thought… Ms Ascroft then proceeded to do a double and then the ultimate challenge – knot tying with 5 ropes!

Some helpful instructions of Ms Ascroft’s PowerPoint

Leadership skills were not only seen in young Ms Ascroft but also throughout the lesson from the eager students who passed on skills to others as they problem solved knot tying with the different ropes and strings.

A very well resourced, engaging and useful learning experience! Thanks Ms Ascroft!

Where did Barnaby Brocket go next?

Primary 5 have finished reading ‘The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket’ and are now considering what might happen next. We won’t spoil the ending for you because you need to read the book – it is brilliant! But here are a few of the places that p5 would like to float off to. A study of city skylines and a focus on the visual elements line and shape led to these rather striking scenes. Can you guess where Barnaby is?

Outdoor Classroom Day

Kindness and Connectivity during Covid times is the theme of this year’s Winter Windows project. P5c combined the uplifting experience of learning outside with creating some magical environmental art with the colours of Autumn.

Dear World Leaders at COP26

This is our message to you all. Included in our artwork are just a few of the species endangered by climate change. Our artwork is called ‘All at Sea’ because that is how we feel things are now. Things don’t feel right.

The message in the melting iceberg reads…

Dear world leaders,
26 meetings and the crisis is worse than ever. Do something now.
The world is burning. The ice is melting. Animals are dying. Sea levels are rising.
Adults should be our role models, not the other way round.
Stop the blah blah blah.


Term One Review

P5a are coming to the end of a fantastic first term. Since starting Primary Five, we have had a learning focus on community – both within our classroom now and throughout history. Here are some of the highlights from this term.

Sciennes is a rights respecting school, reflected through our class charter. We discussed the rights of the child and how they can be upheld in our school community. P5a we’re passionate that we all had the right to learn, be creative and supported in doing so. Our rights charter is displayed proudly in out classroom, each pupil contributing something they were proud of to the poster.

In our study of communities, we learned about the Aboriginals, the indigenous population of Australia. Aboriginal art is still prevalent in their community today, as it passes down stories and traditions to new generations. P5a created their own aboriginal art, inspired by nature and animals indigenous to Australia. Aboriginal art primarily uses natural colours, symbols, lines and dots.

Dear world leaders… In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow, we discussed our global community and the United effort to tackle Climate Change. On the globe is a message from each pupil to the world leaders, expressing their vision for the future and what they hope will be achieved. All pupils contributed to the piece, made entirely of scrap paper from our classroom.

Dear World Leaders

For the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow, ECO schools invited classes to create a piece of artwork with a message to the world leaders. Primary 5B enjoyed designing and creating their sea themed art, using straws they have saved from milk cartoons and scrap paper to create the animals. They worked as a team to tell the leaders what we do in Sciennes to help the planet and why the world leaders should take this issue seriously.

Our Rights are shared!

Our rights and the rights of all children are indivisible, inalienable and universal. We learned that everyone has rights. They can’t be taken away. Our rights have equal importance. And the rights reach to every corner of the world. And belong to every child.

P5c met in groups to look at all of the articles in the UNCRC and shared insightful views about why each right is important.

They then put together some key messages to display.

We have the right to learn.

We are treated well.

And no one is treated badly because they are different.

But sometimes people are treated differently to make things fair.

We have the right to feel safe.

And the right to get help.

Our opinions matter and we have the right to say what we think.

We look after our environment .

5c as we see ourselves…

Primary 5 studied the mathematics of the human body, explored proportion in different paintings and discussed ‘in proportion’ and ‘out of proportion’ and they studied their own facial features. Using a sketching style they carefully marked out face shape, eye position, nose and mouth placement. They then added details including eyebrows, ears and specifics like freckles or glasses.

In the next lesson they investigated colour mixing to achieve a close match to skin tone, eye colour and lip colour. Carefully, they added colour to their self portraits.

Can you guess who is who?

P5 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

P5 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

Due to current restrictions, we have been unable to invite you to Curriculum Evenings in school this term.  However, teachers have worked together to prepare the online presentation below. We hope this will give you an insight into what learning looks like at Sciennes for your child. 

Please also find below a Class Overview, ‘P5 Learns’

Music Mania!

P4C are loving their outdoor expressive arts sessions. They are thoroughly enjoying creating music with Pete, a fabulous visiting specialist, and look forward to performing their class piece this coming week. Watch out for the video arriving soon…

P4 Online Learning

P4 Online Learning

P4-7 will continue to use Microsoft Teams for online learning. It would be helpful if you could let us know, in school hours, as soon as possible if you are having trouble accessing Teams.

We will also provide opportunities for the children to interact live with teachers online via Microsoft Teams. We will begin hosting live check-in times with the pupils –at pre-arranged times in the week –from Monday 11 January. This will include opportunities for the children to talk to their teacher and to use Microsoft Teams’ two-way video functionality.

There is a link to Teams on the right hand side of this Class Page where you can log in directly using your child’s username 123456 and password.


Google ‘o365’ (for Office 365)
enter your child’s email address
then enter username and password


Elements of Art: Space

This week, the element of art we are studying is Space. 

creating space
Here are some different techniques that artists use to create space in their work. Maybe you could try one of these drawing tasks?
Or, you could choose something you want to draw and try out one of these techniques in your drawing.
Another option would be to experiment with these creating space techniques using photography; you could try taking a picture of something at different angles, you could zoom in or position objects in a different way.
There are so many possibilities for you to explore…

One of your art tasks this week is to try ‘Shadow tracing’ to learn about positive and negative space. Here’s an example of my shadow tracing artwork. I decided to use black and a bright colour for mine. Maybe you want to try out some complimentary colours for your positive and negative space?


Geometric and Organic shapes

This week, we are looking at the element of Shape as part of our Art topic.

Geometric shapes are usually simple and have a special name, such as square or circle. they don’t often appear in nature.

An organic shape is irregular and often curvy. They appear often in nature.

Here are some organic shapes we saw either in the garden or as part of our daily walk/exercise. Can you notice the different shapes we found?

Remember, to keep an eye out when you are outside to look for organic shapes.

Maths links

Hi P3,

For some reason, the link in our grid for maths is requesting you to register so you can play-if you are having this problem here are other alternatives to help with time.

This game can be set at different levels to practise telling the time:

This looks at telling the time in words ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’ etc.

Topmarks has a selection of activities:

Please use time worksheets available on twinkl (First Level)

Here is an updated grid for week 4 with these changes if it is helpful.
School Closure Week 4 27.04.20

from the P3 team


Happy Monday P3

Good morning Primary 3,

We hope that you and your families had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy some sunshine during your daily exercise.

We have got lots of exciting activities planned this week and we hope that you enjoy them.

Last week we asked you to send pictures, stories and letters to Aaron House Care Home and we are thrilled to know that they were greatly received and cherished by all the residents and staff at the home. We spoke to Sharron from the care home who wanted us to pass on a thank you from everyone at Aaron House. You can read her email below:


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each one of your lovely primary 3 pupils at Sciennes Primary School for all their wonderful e-mails.

The Carers & Activities/Memory Makers Team have sat with the Residents and showed each of them, all the wonderful pictures & read out all the stories which even we the staff and carers have enjoyed.

We are very fortunate that we have had no little bugs at Aaron House and everyone is safe and well. The Residents however are missing seeing their loved ones, but your letters and pictures have really cheered them up.

Thank you once again from all the Residents & Staff at Aaron House.

Kindest Regards

Sharron Aitchison

Business Support Office


Aaron House Care Home

Give yourselves a round of applause P3!! Well done and thank you for sending all your emails on, your kindness has made a big difference and we ask you to write about how this email has made you feel in this week’s learning grid. Please do not worry if you did not manage to send them an email last week, you can still do this if you would like or perhaps you might want to send an email on to a friend or loved one to brighten up their day.

We also hope that you have managed to watch the Toilet Roll Challenge, if you haven’t already, go and give it a watch. We are missing you all very much and wanted to say a big hello to all the children at Sciennes.

Have a good week everyone.

From all the P3 Teachers.

Trouble with links on this week’s grid.

Hello Families,

I have received an email to say that the links did not work when trying to access them. Apologies for this. When we try and open them on our laptops they work.

If you are having trouble with them please search for BBC Audio Maths Rainbow Quiz and it should be the first result that appears. This is the link that we put on the grid for it:

Then for this one please search Bitesize Scotland primary 1 maths 1 Snoot and Fin (the primary 1 is just the episode not the year group).

Again, apologies for any trouble you may have accessing the links and hope that this helps.

Thank you.

The P3 Team.

Complimentary colours

Hi P3!

One of your tasks this week for our Elements of Art topic is to investigate lines and complimentary colours. I had a go at it myself and have some pictures of each step you can follow:

  1.  Divide your page into different sections by drawing lines. Decorate each section using different types of lines.

You can use this song to help you find out about types of lines



2. If you have paint it works really well for the background but don’t worry, you can use pencils/markers instead.

When we created colour wheels in class we used the primary colours red, blue and yellow to mix secondary colours green, orange and violet. I painted each section of my page using a primary or secondary colour of my choice.

There’s a colour wheel below to help you.



3. Complimentary colours are colours that look nice when used together. If you look at the colour wheel, you can find complimentary colours directly opposite each other.

Blue is opposite orange; so blue and orange are complimentary colours that look nice together.

complimentary colours gif

Complimentary colours are:

  • Blue and Orange
  • Red and Green
  • Violet and Yellow

When the paint had dried I used pencil to trace over the lines using complimentary colours. If the background of a section was blue, I used orange to trace over the lines in that section. Here’s how it turned out:


Hope you enjoy making your own art using lines and complimentary colours. This is quite a big project that you can spend a while on. Remember, you can try out your own ideas too.





Welcome back

Welcome back Primary 3!

We hope that you and your families had a nice relaxing Easter break and that you are getting some fresh air each day during your daily exercise.

Please see above for this week’s learning grid with lots of fun learning for you to do at home. Please don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete it all.

We hope that you enjoy this week’s learning activities.

From the P3 Team 🙂

Home is where the art is

Hi P3!

If you are looking for some art activities to keep you occupied, National Galleries of Scotland will be sharing a range of activities for all ages and interests every day.

They will be presenting live talks, quizzes to test your art knowledge, trips through their archives with their curators, plus challenges and projects to keep everyone entertained and busy.

It should link in nicely to our Elements of Art topic if you find yourself in a creative mood.







Hello Primary 3!

We hope that you are all well and are ready for another week of home learning activities.

If there’s anything you are finding tricky or don’t understand please don’t hesitate to contact us using the emails provided on the home learning grids.
There are links on the P3 page to help you if you have mislaid your spelling list or reading resources. Remember, you can read a book from home or you can choose an e-book at Oxford Owl (see post below).

Your teacher will set you a challenge on Sumdog for you to help revise some of the skills you’ve been learning at school. Remember, you can also try the reading and spelling section on Sumdog too!

We understand that working from home can be difficult, make sure to give yourself some time to relax and spend time with your family.

Be safe and be kind 🙂

From the P3 team ❤

Oxford Reading Tree Books

If you are looking for reading books for your child, the Oxford Reading Tree books are available online in e-book format.

Log on to Glow using the link below (using login details in your home learning pack).

There is an app called OUP Oxford Owl which gives you free online access to Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) books.

You simply need to register an account with the site to get free access on your computer or tablet.

It can also be found online using the link to the website

Happy reading!


P3 are enjoying a 10 week block of singing with a teacher from the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Everyone was really engaged with the first session and we look forward to inviting Heather back next week!

Crafty Buddy Time

We enjoyed meeting up with our p6 buddies this afternoon. They taught us how to make some origami decorations and read us some amazing stories they’d been writing in class. Thanks for having us p6, we had a great time!

Our Own David Attenborough !

A bit thank you to Henry who has taken time to prepare another fantastic presentation for our class to enjoy. This one was all about Europeans animals and there were some really unusual creatures included! Keep up the great work Henry!

Toys from the Past

As part of our Toys project we set an additional homework task where pupils could interview a family member about a toy from their childhood. I’ve been SO impressed with the children’s findings. Thank you to everyone for taking part and helping us learn more about toys from the past!

A visit from Ms Kennedy

We loved having Ms Kennedy working with us this afternoon on growth mindset and introduce some new spelling strategies. We are looking forward to having her back for the next two Tuesday afternoons. Great spelling work today everyone!

Museum of Childhood

P3b enjoyed a trip to the Museum of Childhood this morning as part of our toys project. We split into groups and explored the various galleries, learning all about toys from the past. Everyone participated really well and represented our school brilliantly. A member of the public even commented on how great the class was. Well done everyone, a super trip!


P3 are very excited about our new topic, toys! One of our first tasks was to try and categories toys thinking about their similarities and differences. We sorted them by the materials they are made from, their purposes or target age group.

P3b visit Pizza Express

P3b enjoyed a brilliant trip to Pizza Express in Morningside on Tuesday morning. We learned all about how to prepare food safely and hygienically, how to make a pizza and we learned some interesting facts about pizzas too!  Did you know the mozzarella, tomato and basil used to decorate a margarita pizza is meant to symbolise the 3 colours of the Italian flag? Everyone enjoyed eating their pizzas and I think most people managed to save some to take home and share with their families too! Well done p3b for being so enthusiastic and representing our school so well. 

P2A Victorian School Trip

Last week Primary 2A visited a Victorian classroom as part of our Victorian School topic.
Here are some things we would like you to know about our trip.

At the Victorian School we met two teachers, Miss Mullin and Miss McDonald. They showed us what happened in a Victorian school.

We had to dress up in Victorian costumes. The girls wore white aprons and the boys wore shirts and waistcoats.

When we heard the bell we knew our Victorian School day had started. The teachers pretended to be strict like Victorian teachers. We went into the Victorian classroom where we had to sit in a girls’ row and a boys’ row.

They taught us about the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic. It was quite fun, we tried the 2 times table.

We wrote with pen and ink. It was fun but a little tricky and messy!

One of our parent helpers was left handed and that wasn’t good in Victorian times. The teacher put her fingers in finger stocks and pretend to tie her left hand behind her back so she couldn’t write with it.

In Victorian times if you were a little bit naughty you would sit on a stool in front of the teacher’s desk.

Sitting in front of the teachers desk.

They showed us the belt (some people called it the strap or the tawse). If someone had been really naughty they were hit on the hand 6 times! They called it “6 of the best”. We thought it would be really sore and we wondered if it might make writing difficult if your hands were stinging. We all thought it would make us feel sad if that happened to us. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen anymore!

After we went to the classroom the teachers showed us some objects that Victorians would have had in their homes. They showed us a range cooker where they would heat water, irons and cook lots of food. We had a go at using a Victorian washing machine and dryer, the dolly and the mangle. We all agreed that it would have been hard work to wash, dry and iron clothes.

At the end of our visit we played with some Victorian toys and instruments including yo-yos and hoopla. We had a great time on our trip and learned lots about Victorian life and school.

Thank You P1B Families

Ms Wylezalek and I would like to thank all families for their kindness and generosity this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children in their first year of school and we absolutely love the wee books you made for us. Thank you!

We hope that you all have a lovely summer break.


Fun cleaning trays!

Tomorrow morning we will all move to our teacher’s new classroom. One of the last jobs before we move is to clean our trays ready for the next class that will use the room. P1B found a way to have fun while getting the job done!

We used straws to blow bubbles in the water. There were some huge single bubbles and some people managed to create mountains of bubbles. Great fun was had by all, and now the trays are clean, so we’re ready to move. (We even cleaned parts of the carpet while we were at it – turns out trays of soapy water get quite slippy!)

P1B trip to Vogrie

Wow! What a wonderful day we’ve had!

We started with a forest walk, then we searched for minibeasts, then we went to the play park, then we had lunch, then we did some pond dipping (and found lots of interesting things).

It has been a fantastic day out!

Vogrie Trip

We can’t wait for our first school trip on Thursday. We are looking forward to some fun activities at Vogrie Park.

Please remember to dress for our changeable Scottish weather and bring a bottle of water, snack and packed lunch.

PC Fowler

Today PC Fowler visited P1 to talk to us about being a police officer. She told us lots of interesting facts and we all learned something new – even the teachers!

Special Visitor

All of Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from P.C. Fowler this morning. She told us about all of the equipment she carries with her and she answered lots of our questions.

Thank you P.C. Fowler, we really enjoyed you your visit.


Today we went to the community garden on the Meadows to pot some Million bells for the Summer Fair. We learned so much and had lots of fun.

The plants will be on sale this Saturday. After the school fair, children are invited to help build an insect hotel at the community garden.

P1B Outdoor Learning

We had a wonderful time over on the nature strip this morning. We learned how to make a fire and we learned that fires need air to keep going. We made hot chocolate and popcorn, we listened to a story and we sang campfire songs. Many thanks to all the adults who helped us.

Our Local Community

Everyday Miss G and Miss T are blown away by how enthusiastic, inquisitive and thoughtful the children of P1c are. Today, the class came up with some amazing BIG questions about what they want to learn about their local community and the people who help us.

This afternoon P1c went on a walk to see if we could spot anyone that helps us.

We spotted a lorry driver and shop workers unloading food into a shop, a roofer fixing someone’s roof and a delivery man bringing someone a parcel.

P1A & P1B Tennis

We had great fun this morning. We practised catching bean bags in cones, catching bean bags with tennis racquets, catching tennis balls in cones and bouncing tennis balls on tennis racquets.

Colour Wheel

On Tuesday P1B learned about primary colours and how these could be mixed to create the secondary colours. We also had a look at the colour wheel.

One of us went home and created her own colour wheel – SUPER work!



P1A and P1B made several new creations using the new construction equipment. It was lovely to see groups working together and cooperating to complete their structures.

P1B Superheroes

We had great fun celebrating Edinburgh’s City of Superheroes today. The children brought lots of wonderful costumes and accessories and did some fantastic superhero writing. In the afternoon everyone used their imagination to create extra superhero accessories to add to a superhero head band.

Great work P1B!

Super Hero Day

Wow, what a fun day we had celebrating Edinburgh’s City of Super Heroes. It was great to see so many children dressed up. In P1c we created our own comic strips and made masks, cuffs and other super hero accessories. What a great day!!

Buddy Time

We read our fairy tales to our buddies and they gave us two stars and a wish (two things they thought we’d done well, and one thing they thought we could work on improving in the next story we write). They were very impressed that each of us had written a whole story in primary one!


The big freeze

This afternoon we returned to our classroom to discover a letter from ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. He told us that he had captured some Fairyland creatures and when we followed the fairy trail we discovered they had been frozen! After lots of strength, warm water and sun light we successfully rescued all the Fairyland creatures!

P1d Fairyland Topic

The Three Billy Goats Gruff have asked us to build a strong bridge to get them safely across the river. We are choosing strong materials as we don’t want them to fall into the water, where the troll might be hiding!

P1 Ceilidh

On Friday P1 showed off their Scottish Country Dancing skills at our Ceilidh. The children have learned the dances really well and it was lovely to have all the Primary 1s together.


  1. During our Welly Wednesday time we went across to the Meadows to play with the snow. Such a rare treat! We built snowmen, made snow angels and had snow balls fights. We had a lovely time.