Month: September 2022

P6B – Volcanoes

In P6B, we are learning about volcanoes. We have found out about all different types of volcanoes such as: shield, cone, super, composite, submarine and lava dome volcanoes. Below are some pictures.

Today we erupted the volcano models that we had made. We used elephant’s toothpaste which is made of hydrogen peroxide, a yeast mixture and some dishwashing liquid. The ‘lava’ that came out was hot. It didn’t work so well with the coca cola and mentoes so Ms French demonstrated it to us.

Benmore Information Evening

It was lovely to ‘see’ so many of you tonight during the information session. As requested, attached are the slides from the presentation, some of which I’ve added a little to.

I hope that you found the information helpful and for those without older siblings, insight into what the week away will look like. We will, of course, prepare pupils in the coming months as best we can and will be recruiting this year’s P7s who are best placed to reassure, inform and share experience.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.