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Egg Decorating Competition

Here are some pictures of the eggs from our egg decorating competition. Eve was the overall winner for her Hippy Chick. Other prizes were won by Merdjane for her clown, David for his astronaut, Mason for his monster, Sara for her Peppa pig and Chenchen for Bowser Junior.

Apologies if your egg isn’t here. I think I may have missed a few.

Space Race in a box

Inspired by P6C, we decided to make a space race in a box mini museum. We learned about the history of the space race and then in groups chose an event to represent as a model. We also made cards explaining what they showed. Our lovely primary 3 buddies were our audience.

P6B – Sixties Bands

We have been learning about The Beatles, how life was changing for young people in the Sixties, and how The Beatles style of clothing and music changed over the decade.

We decided to form our own Sixties bands and to think about our fashion and musical styles. We then made up stage names, album covers and took publicity shots.

Primary 6 Fashion Show

This week, Primary 6 have been learning about Sixties fashion. We learnt about different trends including: the mini skirt and dress, influenced by Mary Quant; mods and rockers; space age fashion and psychedelic and hippy fashion.

Today 6A and B, carried out a challenge that one of the children had suggested would be a fun way to celebrate what we had learnt. Each team had newspaper and paper tape and had to design a 60s outfit for a member of their team to wear in a fashion parade. We hope you like the results.

World Book Day – 6B

We had lots of fun on World Book Day. We did a short quiz in the morning that Henry had made and a bigger one in the afternoon. Congratulations to Kathleen, Zoey, Eve, Sara and Amelia’s team who came first in the quiz. We also looked at how to persuade an audience to read a book by looking at some examples of book trailers and then planned and made our own ones on iMovie; they were so good! In addition, every so often the bell rang and everyone in the school dropped everything and read. It was a lot of fun.

Decades Project

Look what I found at Oxfam.

We are about to embark on a project about the sixties, seventies and eighties. Please ask your families if they have any old toys you could bring in to show us. If you do bring something in, remember to label it with your name and class.

Robert Burns

This week we have been learning about the famous song writer and poet Robert Burns.

P6B have been making a display of some of his key events from his life.

We have also been learning to recite some of his Poems for the Steven lui cup.

Snow Slope Challenge

Over two fun-filled sessions, all of our primary 6 engineers, designed, built, tested and improved snow slopes and a sled. The goal was to create a snow slope that would go the furthest distance from the top of the slope. The results were impressive. The children carried forward their knowledge of forces from science and their construction skills from when we looked at cardboard attachment skills when we made our earthquake proof buildings.

Anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying week got off to a good start today when we took part in a live lesson on the subject hosted by the BBC. The theme this week was, REACH OUT.

Some of the things talked about during the lesson were:

  • What bullying is and what it can look like
  • That bullying involves: repetition, hurt, power and intention
  • How to be the ally of someone who has been bullied
  • How to be kind
  • Being honest with yourself and reaching out to put things right if you think you might have bullied someone
  • The feelings that can be involved for people who have bullied, been bullied or witnessed bullying.

We then decided to make a class display to illustrate some of the things that we had learnt.

Hokusai Art

We have been learning about Hokusai and discussed some of the features of his piece, ‘The Great Wave’. We talked about the way he used colour to create different shades and contrast; how he thought about composition (where he places Mount Fuji, how the wave draws the eye back into the picture); and how he uses line to create a sense of movement. We then learnt about mixing colour with water colours and how to use line to create the impression of waves and foam. Then finally we created our own versions of, The Great Wave.

P6B – Volcanoes

In P6B, we are learning about volcanoes. We have found out about all different types of volcanoes such as: shield, cone, super, composite, submarine and lava dome volcanoes. Below are some pictures.

Today we erupted the volcano models that we had made. We used elephant’s toothpaste which is made of hydrogen peroxide, a yeast mixture and some dishwashing liquid. The ‘lava’ that came out was hot. It didn’t work so well with the coca cola and mentoes so Ms French demonstrated it to us.