Month: October 2021

Dear World Leaders at COP26

This is our message to you all. Included in our artwork are just a few of the species endangered by climate change. Our artwork is called ‘All at Sea’ because that is how we feel things are now. Things don’t feel right.

The message in the melting iceberg reads…

Dear world leaders,
26 meetings and the crisis is worse than ever. Do something now.
The world is burning. The ice is melting. Animals are dying. Sea levels are rising.
Adults should be our role models, not the other way round.
Stop the blah blah blah.


Term One Review

P5a are coming to the end of a fantastic first term. Since starting Primary Five, we have had a learning focus on community – both within our classroom now and throughout history. Here are some of the highlights from this term.

Sciennes is a rights respecting school, reflected through our class charter. We discussed the rights of the child and how they can be upheld in our school community. P5a we’re passionate that we all had the right to learn, be creative and supported in doing so. Our rights charter is displayed proudly in out classroom, each pupil contributing something they were proud of to the poster.

In our study of communities, we learned about the Aboriginals, the indigenous population of Australia. Aboriginal art is still prevalent in their community today, as it passes down stories and traditions to new generations. P5a created their own aboriginal art, inspired by nature and animals indigenous to Australia. Aboriginal art primarily uses natural colours, symbols, lines and dots.

Dear world leaders… In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow, we discussed our global community and the United effort to tackle Climate Change. On the globe is a message from each pupil to the world leaders, expressing their vision for the future and what they hope will be achieved. All pupils contributed to the piece, made entirely of scrap paper from our classroom.

Dear World Leaders

For the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow, ECO schools invited classes to create a piece of artwork with a message to the world leaders. Primary 5B enjoyed designing and creating their sea themed art, using straws they have saved from milk cartoons and scrap paper to create the animals. They worked as a team to tell the leaders what we do in Sciennes to help the planet and why the world leaders should take this issue seriously.