Month: February 2022

Wolf Brother Week

This week we immersed ourselves in the world or Torak and Renn with some creative activities linked to our class novel study of ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver.

After doing the ‘What is your Wolf Brother clan?’ questionnaire on we found that most of us were Raven Clan but we did have Seal Clan, Otter Clan, White Fox Clan and Red Deer Clan too.

The clans worked together to gather, select, fix, strengthen and arrange materials to create a successful settlement with key elements of fresh water, flat land on which to build, sources of food, sources of fuel and shelter.

Edinburgh’s Crag and Tail

After looking at early settlements and what made humans choose to live in a particular place, P5 looked at the shape of the landscape and how important this may have been for a settlement.

Edinburgh Castle and The Royal Mile was built on a land formation called a crag and tail. Primary investigated how the land was formed in a wee outdoor investigation…

Armed with a whiteboard posing as a glacier, we investigated how the ice that covered the area of Edinburgh long ago shaped the land by bulldozing its way over the rocks and earth.

As the ice (whiteboard) moved across the land (sand) it wore the land away.

Can you see the hard rocks buried in the soft sand?

We hid rocks deep in the sand. These were the hard volcanic rock that is a key feature of much of Edinburgh’s landscape. When our glaciers (whiteboards) dragged across the sand we could carve out a lovely path in the sand. But when we hit the hard rocks the ‘glacier’ could only go up and over or around the volcanic rock. This meant a steep crag was formed. Once the ice had gone up and over the hard rock it could once again slide over the softer rock, wearing it away to a gentle slope known as the tail.

The ice shaped the land to make a perfect fortress. The crags made it difficult to get to and the one side that was accessible, the gentle slope of the tail, could easily be guarded and intruders stopped.

Designing Green Cities for the Future

Primary 5’s learning about sustainability culminated in them planning their own future cities. Showcasing their knowledge and understanding about waste, food, nature, energy and transport they created and presented their vision for sustainable living.

Minecraft Education was one option for sharing learning. And a very popular one at that.

Shopping at the P7 market!

Festive fun was had at the Primary 7s enterprise market. Tree-mendous creativity all round with making, mini-xmas trees, baking, and games. We all spent a lot of money on some fabulous merch. Thanks P7s! And you raised over £1000 for the school 😮👏👏👏👏👏