Month: September 2021

Our Rights are shared!

Our rights and the rights of all children are indivisible, inalienable and universal. We learned that everyone has rights. They can’t be taken away. Our rights have equal importance. And the rights reach to every corner of the world. And belong to every child.

P5c met in groups to look at all of the articles in the UNCRC and shared insightful views about why each right is important.

They then put together some key messages to display.

We have the right to learn.

We are treated well.

And no one is treated badly because they are different.

But sometimes people are treated differently to make things fair.

We have the right to feel safe.

And the right to get help.

Our opinions matter and we have the right to say what we think.

We look after our environment .

5c as we see ourselves…

Primary 5 studied the mathematics of the human body, explored proportion in different paintings and discussed ‘in proportion’ and ‘out of proportion’ and they studied their own facial features. Using a sketching style they carefully marked out face shape, eye position, nose and mouth placement. They then added details including eyebrows, ears and specifics like freckles or glasses.

In the next lesson they investigated colour mixing to achieve a close match to skin tone, eye colour and lip colour. Carefully, they added colour to their self portraits.

Can you guess who is who?

P5 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

P5 Curriculum Presentation and Overview

Due to current restrictions, we have been unable to invite you to Curriculum Evenings in school this term.  However, teachers have worked together to prepare the online presentation below. We hope this will give you an insight into what learning looks like at Sciennes for your child. 

Please also find below a Class Overview, ‘P5 Learns’