Month: January 2022

Superb Scots Art Work

As part of our Scots Week mini project, we looked at the art work of Gillian Kyle. Kyle’s style is known for using Scottish iconography and bold, bright colours.

Our excellent examples have certainly brightened up the room!

Excellent Engineers!

Inspired by the ingenuity of Thomas Telford, P5A became structural engineers for the day!

Using only scrap paper, pupils were tasked with constructing a bridge to cross a 20cm gap.

We found the most efficient design to be the beam bridge. Several bridges still held strong after 2000g of weight and a few water bottles on top!!

P5 Home Learning 25.01.22

P5 Home Learning 25.01.22

Please follow the link below to access your Home Learning for this week. There are separate links for each class within the sway, detailing reading homework.

Thank you to all pupils, and those who have supported, for preparing spectacular Scots poetry performances. We are thoroughly enjoying watching them in class.


Home Learning in Primary 5 Tuesday 1 February – Monday 7 February
This week in class in Primary 5 we are learning to:
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Building Bridges

In P5B we have been looking at the ingenuity of the Scots. We were inspired by Scottish engineer, Thomas Telford and had a go at at building our own bridges using paper and cardboard.