Author: mrdmitchell

Primary 6A and B P.E

This term, in P.E Primary 6 have been focusing on Tennis and Gymnastics with Ms Kulhwilm. To complete their P.E learning, P6A and B have also been completed sessions on Orienteering and Hockey. In these photos, the pupils were working together to read a map and placing items that they got to make a face.

Building Bridges

In P5B we have been looking at the ingenuity of the Scots. We were inspired by Scottish engineer, Thomas Telford and had a go at at building our own bridges using paper and cardboard.

Dear World Leaders

For the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow, ECO schools invited classes to create a piece of artwork with a message to the world leaders. Primary 5B enjoyed designing and creating their sea themed art, using straws they have saved from milk cartoons and scrap paper to create the animals. They worked as a team to tell the leaders what we do in Sciennes to help the planet and why the world leaders should take this issue seriously.