Month: November 2021

Leading the Learning!

P5c had a new teacher on Tuesday! Ms Ascroft led a lesson on knot tying.

She began by teaching us an overhand knot. And then we progressed to a reef knot. However some of us tied granny knots instead!

The master plan to teach the class knot tying and then take over the world begins!

Things then became quite complicated and the final challenge was a figure of 8 knot.

Or so we thought… Ms Ascroft then proceeded to do a double and then the ultimate challenge – knot tying with 5 ropes!

Some helpful instructions of Ms Ascroft’s PowerPoint

Leadership skills were not only seen in young Ms Ascroft but also throughout the lesson from the eager students who passed on skills to others as they problem solved knot tying with the different ropes and strings.

A very well resourced, engaging and useful learning experience! Thanks Ms Ascroft!

Where did Barnaby Brocket go next?

Primary 5 have finished reading ‘The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket’ and are now considering what might happen next. We won’t spoil the ending for you because you need to read the book – it is brilliant! But here are a few of the places that p5 would like to float off to. A study of city skylines and a focus on the visual elements line and shape led to these rather striking scenes. Can you guess where Barnaby is?

Outdoor Classroom Day

Kindness and Connectivity during Covid times is the theme of this year’s Winter Windows project. P5c combined the uplifting experience of learning outside with creating some magical environmental art with the colours of Autumn.