Month: March 2023

Primary 6A and B P.E

This term, in P.E Primary 6 have been focusing on Tennis and Gymnastics with Ms Kulhwilm. To complete their P.E learning, P6A and B have also been completed sessions on Orienteering and Hockey. In these photos, the pupils were working together to read a map and placing items that they got to make a face.

P6B – Sixties Bands

We have been learning about The Beatles, how life was changing for young people in the Sixties, and how The Beatles style of clothing and music changed over the decade.

We decided to form our own Sixties bands and to think about our fashion and musical styles. We then made up stage names, album covers and took publicity shots.

Primary 6 Fashion Show

This week, Primary 6 have been learning about Sixties fashion. We learnt about different trends including: the mini skirt and dress, influenced by Mary Quant; mods and rockers; space age fashion and psychedelic and hippy fashion.

Today 6A and B, carried out a challenge that one of the children had suggested would be a fun way to celebrate what we had learnt. Each team had newspaper and paper tape and had to design a 60s outfit for a member of their team to wear in a fashion parade. We hope you like the results.

World Book Day – 6B

We had lots of fun on World Book Day. We did a short quiz in the morning that Henry had made and a bigger one in the afternoon. Congratulations to Kathleen, Zoey, Eve, Sara and Amelia’s team who came first in the quiz. We also looked at how to persuade an audience to read a book by looking at some examples of book trailers and then planned and made our own ones on iMovie; they were so good! In addition, every so often the bell rang and everyone in the school dropped everything and read. It was a lot of fun.