Month: September 2017

Weekend news

We hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. It was lovely hearing all the fun things the children got up to. In a short few weeks, the boys and girls have already grown in confidence when sharing their news with the class. Well done everyone!


As part of our Day and Night focus, we learned about what we need to see shadows. When the sun, eventually, came out we went into the playground and had fun creating different shadows with a partner. We took it in turns to draw around the shadows in chalk.

Magnetic boards

Just to clarify…

Magnetic boards are to stay at home in the large bag.

The small wallet is to come to school everyday. The new letter, word list and Jolly Phonics sheet will be put inside.

Please take out the sheet and complete at home. You do not need to return these to school, they are for your reference when completing homework.

Little and often works best! Where possible, please practise sounds, writing and word building every day. Older siblings are great at helping with homework too!

It can be challenging fitting homework into already busy schedules. Sounds can be kept at home over the weekend if you feel you have more time to practise. This is not an expectation but I know some parents/carers find this easier.

If a child is absent (or forgets their wallet) we will put the missed letters, word lists and sheets in once they return.

I hope this clarifies everything.

There will be a session about phonics and magnetic boards at the Curriculum Evening this Thursday.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact.