Author: Mrs Barker

Thank You P1B Families

Ms Wylezalek and I would like to thank all families for their kindness and generosity this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children in their first year of school and we absolutely love the wee books you made for us. Thank you!

We hope that you all have a lovely summer break.


Fun cleaning trays!

Tomorrow morning we will all move to our teacher’s new classroom. One of the last jobs before we move is to clean our trays ready for the next class that will use the room. P1B found a way to have fun while getting the job done!

We used straws to blow bubbles in the water. There were some huge single bubbles and some people managed to create mountains of bubbles. Great fun was had by all, and now the trays are clean, so we’re ready to move. (We even cleaned parts of the carpet while we were at it – turns out trays of soapy water get quite slippy!)

P1B trip to Vogrie

Wow! What a wonderful day we’ve had!

We started with a forest walk, then we searched for minibeasts, then we went to the play park, then we had lunch, then we did some pond dipping (and found lots of interesting things).

It has been a fantastic day out!

Special Visitor

All of Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from P.C. Fowler this morning. She told us about all of the equipment she carries with her and she answered lots of our questions.

Thank you P.C. Fowler, we really enjoyed you your visit.

P1B Outdoor Learning

We had a wonderful time over on the nature strip this morning. We learned how to make a fire and we learned that fires need air to keep going. We made hot chocolate and popcorn, we listened to a story and we sang campfire songs. Many thanks to all the adults who helped us.

P1A & P1B Tennis

We had great fun this morning. We practised catching bean bags in cones, catching bean bags with tennis racquets, catching tennis balls in cones and bouncing tennis balls on tennis racquets.

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Colour Wheel

On Tuesday P1B learned about primary colours and how these could be mixed to create the secondary colours. We also had a look at the colour wheel.

One of us went home and created her own colour wheel – SUPER work!



P1A and P1B made several new creations using the new construction equipment. It was lovely to see groups working together and cooperating to complete their structures.

P1B Superheroes

We had great fun celebrating Edinburgh’s City of Superheroes today. The children brought lots of wonderful costumes and accessories and did some fantastic superhero writing. In the afternoon everyone used their imagination to create extra superhero accessories to add to a superhero head band.

Great work P1B!

Buddy Time

We read our fairy tales to our buddies and they gave us two stars and a wish (two things they thought we’d done well, and one thing they thought we could work on improving in the next story we write). They were very impressed that each of us had written a whole story in primary one!


Autumn Leaf Rainbow

P1A and P1B collected different coloured leaves in the Meadows this afternoon. They took them back to school then sorted them into groups according to colour. The final task was to create a leaf rainbow – super teamwork from everybody resulted in this fantastic rainbow.

Bird Feeders

Yesterday P1A and P1B decided to help the birds (and squirrels) find plenty of food to help them prepare for the colder weather. They tied string around pine cones, rolled them in lard, then pressed them into a tray of bird seed. When plenty of seeds had stuck to the pine cone the girls and boys chose good places to hang them up in the nature strip.


Ms Christie has kindly arranged for all classes in Primary One to have a cycling session this week, starting with balance bikes and moving on to two wheeled bikes. Some children have never ridden a bike before, others have ridden many times. Some children  can already cycle with two wheels and they have been learning greater control. Some children have managed to ride a bike without stabilisers for the first time. Super work everybody!