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Vogrie Trip

We can’t wait for our first school trip on Thursday. We are looking forward to some fun activities at Vogrie Park.

Please remember to dress for our changeable Scottish weather and bring a bottle of water, snack and packed lunch.

PC Fowler

Today PC Fowler visited P1 to talk to us about being a police officer. She told us lots of interesting facts and we all learned something new – even the teachers!


Today we went to the community garden on the Meadows to pot some Million bells for the Summer Fair. We learned so much and had lots of fun.

The plants will be on sale this Saturday. After the school fair, children are invited to help build an insect hotel at the community garden.

Our Local Community

Everyday Miss G and Miss T are blown away by how enthusiastic, inquisitive and thoughtful the children of P1c are. Today, the class came up with some amazing BIG questions about what they want to learn about their local community and the people who help us.

This afternoon P1c went on a walk to see if we could spot anyone that helps us.

We spotted a lorry driver and shop workers unloading food into a shop, a roofer fixing someone’s roof and a delivery man bringing someone a parcel.

Super Hero Day

Wow, what a fun day we had celebrating Edinburgh’s City of Super Heroes. It was great to see so many children dressed up. In P1c we created our own comic strips and made masks, cuffs and other super hero accessories. What a great day!!

The big freeze

This afternoon we returned to our classroom to discover a letter from ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. He told us that he had captured some Fairyland creatures and when we followed the fairy trail we discovered they had been frozen! After lots of strength, warm water and sun light we successfully rescued all the Fairyland creatures!

P1 Ceilidh

On Friday P1 showed off their Scottish Country Dancing skills at our Ceilidh. The children have learned the dances really well and it was lovely to have all the Primary 1s together.


  1. During our Welly Wednesday time we went across to the Meadows to play with the snow. Such a rare treat! We built snowmen, made snow angels and had snow balls fights. We had a lovely time.


What an exciting surprise we had this afternoon! We learned how to safely start a fire for cooking. Once we got the fire going we heated water to make hot chocolate and popped popcorn in a pan. We were very sensible but had a great time!


We have been developing our mouse control and use of different software programs. This week we consolidated our numeracy work on missing numbers. Some children even worked on numbers to 100!

Firework leaves

Today we made our own fireworks using leaves. We collected different coloured leaves and threaded them onto a stick. We spun them round to make them look like colourful fireworks.

The boys worked together to make an arrow to show the other boys and girls where to line up!


Today Miss G taught us how to play dominoes. Dominoes is a great game for developing a range of numeracy skills including patterns and number recognition. We loved playing with our friends.

Autumn walk

Our house corner has turned into Percy the Park Keeper’s Hut. During Welly Wednesday we went on a walk to collect Autumn items for him. We loved playing in the leaves.

Weekend news

We hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. It was lovely hearing all the fun things the children got up to. In a short few weeks, the boys and girls have already grown in confidence when sharing their news with the class. Well done everyone!


As part of our Day and Night focus, we learned about what we need to see shadows. When the sun, eventually, came out we went into the playground and had fun creating different shadows with a partner. We took it in turns to draw around the shadows in chalk.

Magnetic boards

Just to clarify…

Magnetic boards are to stay at home in the large bag.

The small wallet is to come to school everyday. The new letter, word list and Jolly Phonics sheet will be put inside.

Please take out the sheet and complete at home. You do not need to return these to school, they are for your reference when completing homework.

Little and often works best! Where possible, please practise sounds, writing and word building every day. Older siblings are great at helping with homework too!

It can be challenging fitting homework into already busy schedules. Sounds can be kept at home over the weekend if you feel you have more time to practise. This is not an expectation but I know some parents/carers find this easier.

If a child is absent (or forgets their wallet) we will put the missed letters, word lists and sheets in once they return.

I hope this clarifies everything.

There will be a session about phonics and magnetic boards at the Curriculum Evening this Thursday.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact.


Welly Wednesday

Welly Wednesdays will help the children develop a range of skills as well as developing confidence, resilience and risk taking. The boys and girls in P1C are already loving outdoor learning!

Bear Week

What a fun first full week in P1! Bear Week was a success and the children loved participating in lots of bear related learning. We made binoculars and went on a bear hunt.

Off we go…

Look who we found!

Maths – time

This week we are learning about time. We are learning about day and night, days of the week and sequencing.

The class sequenced a school day and the story of the Everywhere Bear. I was so impressed with their sequencing and team work skills.

Well done P1c!

Miss G

Memory bags

Thank you to all the parents, carers and children in P1c for putting so much effort into the memory bags. The children have loved sharing their summer adventures with their new friends and we have loved hearing about them!

Here are just a few of the proud boys and girls after sharing their memories…

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Miss G

Welly Wednesday

Today P1c enjoyed their first Welly Wednesday! Every week we explore the outdoors through play and exploration. Please send a pair of wellies or suitable outdoor shoes into school on a Wednesday.